Watch Out For These Mistakes When You Perform Planks

Body-weight exercises, such as planks, can be a good place to start when you decide to commit to improving your fitness. It's easy to learn the basics of performing a plank online, and you can then work on this exercise a few times a week. Planks can be very challenging when you start; it's possible that you may only be able to hold the pose for a handful of seconds. Perseverance in the exercise will make you better at it, and you'll eventually be amazed at how long you can maintain the plank position. As you're learning this exercise, here are some mistakes that you'll need to avoid. 

Sagging Back

One of the biggest mistakes that novices make when they perform the plank exercise is allowing their back to sag. It's important to keep your back straight when you're in the plank position. If you're struggling to hold the position, you may be tempted to allow your back to sag. The problem with doing so is that it can often result in back pain. Even a minor back injury will impact your ability to do planks for several days. If you feel tempted to let your back sag, it's time to end the plank and rest.

Pressure On Elbows

When you're in the plank position with your forearms on the floor, you want to have the weight of your upper body resting equally on your forearms. Some people have too much pressure on their elbows, which can result in pain. This is especially an issue if you're performing your planks on a hard floor, rather than one that is padded. If you're noticing that your elbows are getting sore, it's a sign that you need to adjust your arms so that the weight is more evenly distributed.

Locked Knees

While your legs are straight when you're in the plank position, your knees shouldn't be locked. If you notice that they are, adjust your legs slightly to unlock your knees. You can still keep your legs virtually straight without having your knees locked. It's important to make this change because locked knees will eventually cause discomfort. If your knees start to get sore, you may find that you're focusing your attention on this part of your body and potentially not thinking about proper plank mechanics throughout the rest of your body. By avoiding these common mistakes, you'll be able to work on your planks successfully.

Visit a local gym to learn more about body-weight exercises.

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