Ways to Add Resistance to Your Rebounder Workout

A rebounder offers a fun way to get moving in the comfort of your home, helping you to both burn calories and build muscle. People use rebounders in all sorts of different ways, including jumping, running in place, and even dancing. Increasing the length of your workout is a good way to make it more challenging, but some people like to seek out a form of resistance to heighten the rate at which they burn calories and build muscle. There are many options available that can work well during a rebounder workout, including the following.

Ankle Weights

Ankle weights can be a good fitness accessory to use with your rebounder. If you primarily use rebounding as a way to increase the strength of your legs — perhaps as a training tool when you're a runner or cyclist — ankle weights can help you to achieve your goals even faster. Ankle weights are available in many weights, and some are even adjustable. It's generally advisable to begin with a low weight, spend some time moving on the rebounder, and then see how your legs and joints feel. Over time, you may decide to use heavier ankle weights during your workouts.

Wrist Weights

Using a rebounder primarily builds the muscles in your lower body and core, but you may find that you're eager to strengthen your shoulders and arms, too. While moving them as you bounce or run in place can help to some degree, choosing a form of resistance will allow you to increase your strength faster. A good product to pair with your rebounder workouts is a set of wrist weights. As you bounce, you can pump your arms, swing them in a circular manner, and perform other movements to engage your muscles more.

Weighted Vest

Another form of resistance that can work well as you get accustomed to your rebounder workouts is a weighted vest. The big advantage of using a weighted vest over ankle or wrist weights is that you can add even more weight to your body, thus making your rebounder workout more challenging. Weighted vests can hold a lot of weight, which will work your legs considerably more with each stride, jump, and dance motion. You may also find that you're able to move more naturally when you're wearing a weighted vest instead of wearing ankle weights. Consider one of these forms of resistance during your next rebounder workout.

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