3 Sandbag Exercises To Try

If your gym has a selection of sandbags for its members to use, you might enjoy watching other members perform various exercises with this unique form of resistance and be curious to try some yourself. Using sandbags can be a fun and new way to work out if you're looking for a change from lifting free weights and using weight machines. You'll likely find that there are several sandbag sizes available, and it never hurts to choose a lower weight as you get used to this type of workout. Here are three popular sandbag exercises that you can try.


Squats are a simple and effective way to strengthen your lower body. While body-weight squats are popular, many people try to build more muscle through the use of resistance. A sandbag can be useful for your squat workout. There are different ways that you can hold the sandbag. For a beginner, try holding it against your chest as you slowly lower your body toward the floor and then stand back up. As you get more comfortable with using a sandbag for squats, you might wish to increase the challenge by holding it over your head or in front of your chest with outstretched arms.


When people do curls to strengthen their biceps muscles, they typically use dumbbells or a barbell. If you're interested in sandbag strength training, you can definitely use a sandbag for curls. Decide whether you want to stand or sit on a weight bench, and then hold the sandbag with both hands with the insides of your forearms pointed toward the gym ceiling. You can then use both arms to raise the sandbag toward your chest and then lower it back to the starting position.


One of the simplest sandbag exercises that you may wish to try is the sandbag walk. This exercise involves walking while holding the sandbag, which will not only build the muscles in your legs, but also help to strengthen your back, core, and arms. There are different ways to perform a sandbag walk, but a common method is to hold the sandbag against your chest with both arms — essentially giving it a big hug. Try to use as heavy of a sandbag as you can, and then walk back and forth across an open area of the gym. Give these and other sandbag exercises a try during your next visit to a local gym like Island Health and Fitness.

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