Add V-Sits To Your Strength Training Workout

One of the best ways to keep your strength training workout engaging is to constantly try different exercises. Regardless of what part of your body you want to strengthen, you can find an almost endless list of exercises to pursue. Some of these exercises require only the weight of your body as resistance, which makes them convenient to perform at your gym. One strength training exercise that you may wish to try is called a V-sit. This is a simple-looking exercise that can often be more challenging than you expect. Here are some things to know about performing V-sits.


V-sits get their name because of how you position your body to perform them. This is a strength training exercise that you perform while seated on the floor. Sit with your legs stretched out in front of you, and then raise them off the ground a few inches. At the same time, lean your torso backward. From the side, your body will form the shape of the letter "V." Some people hold their arms overhead while they perform V-sits, while others hold their arms horizontally in front of them. You can try each option to see what suits you better. You can then hold this pose for specific durations — for example, 30 seconds.


V-sits target your abdominal muscles, giving you a different way to work your abs than the usual method of crunches. Strengthening your abs is important because strong muscles in this part of your body can help to improve your posture while you're seated or standing. While your abdominal muscles are the primary target of this exercise, you'll be using several other muscle groups throughout your body. For example, your hip muscles will be working hard to keep your legs elevated. Similarly, you'll be using your back and shoulder muscles to hold your arms out.


There's a good chance that it will take you some time to get used to V-sits, especially if you are lacking strength in your abdominal region. However, you may eventually reach a point at which V-sits become easier. If you want to continue pushing yourself, consider some V-sit variations. To add more resistance, hold a pair of small dumbbells or use both hands to grip a weight plate in front of your chest. You'll immediately find that this exercise is much harder. Give V-sits a try during your next strength training workout at the gym.

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