5 Ways That A Sports Rehab Program Can Benefit You

Participating in a sports rehab program can help you get back on your feet after an injury. Here are five ways that sports rehab therapists can restore function, comfort, and range of motion to your injured body.

1. Resistance Training

After an injury, many people's first instinct is to protect their injured body parts by avoiding movement. Rest is important initially, but eventually, you must gradually rebuild the strength in your injured limb. Sports rehab therapy can help you safely regain your strength through graduated resistance training. By using bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, and light weights, you can strengthen your muscles to stabilize your joints and prevent injuries in the future.

2. Kinesiology Taping

Joints can be unstable after an injury. It's important to stabilize your joints to prevent strains, sprains, and other injuries. Physical therapists can support your fragile joints using kinesiology tape. Kinesiology tape, or KT tape, is applied to the skin in patterns designed to provide tension and stability for insecure joints. KT tape can be worn for several days, so it can continue to benefit you in between your sports rehab appointments.

3. Assisted Stretching

Stretching is a vital part of a healthy body routine. After an injury, it's important to listen to your body as you stretch and regain your range of motion. Sometimes it can be easier to stretch with another person's assistance. Sports rehab therapists can take you through assisted stretching sequences, where they will support your body as you stretch your hamstrings, calves, shoulders, and other vital body parts. Assisted stretching is helpful for people who are not yet able to get a good stretch on their own.

4. Massage

Sports medicine massage is designed to promote wellness by increasing blood flow and releasing tension in muscles. It's easy to be tense after an injury, especially if you're stressed and worried about reinjuring yourself. A therapeutic massage can relieve pain without the need for painkillers. It can also warm your muscles and make it easier for you to participate in your sports rehab exercises.

5. Aquatherapy

Low-resistance exercises are ideal for people with fragile bodies following an injury. Aquatherapy exercises are gentle for all body types. These exercises are performed in the water, which allows people to work on their strength and flexibility without supporting their full body weight. Some sports rehab facilities have indoor pools where clients can benefit from this type of movement.

To learn more about sports rehab, reach out to a professional near you.

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